Money money money.

I’ve been talked into opening an Etsy shop of my own. I will be losing hours at work come September and need to make up £40 a week. The Etsy shop probably won’t make even nearly that much, probably only a couple of quid a week if anything, but it might be a start on a quirky business idea that gradually gets a bit more money as time goes on!

Money is the current big worry as I’m trying to work out just how much I need to make up. I’m also trying to set up various money making ventures that will bring in small amounts. DooYoo reviewing, Qmee for the pennies, Swagbucks and GiftHulk for a bit extra (I prefer Swagbucks, I can’t seem to get GiftHulk to work), mine and Nick’s new foodie blog which we still haven’t got up and running, babysitting and ad-hoc nannying in the local area, maybe some forest school temping if I can get my qualifications, antiques dealing and so on.

God knows what’s going to work, I just don’t want to leave my job!

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