5 Days in and I’m struggling

Sounds about right for me right? I haven’t practised French since the first. Well done me -_-

I completely forgot about it after the first to be honest. The past few weeks have been really busy and I’ve been neglecting to think about things that I was avoiding anyway, and the shit hit the fan, so they say.

I have two signs that I’ve stuck on the side of my PC Tower which sits on my desk. One says “I AM IMPORTANT“. Cheesey, but I forget this too often. I am important, mentally, emotionally and physically, every part of me is important. Something I need to keep remembering and working on. The other is a note from Nick.

I was having a shit time of it a few weeks back, really panicking about money and work and I came home from work to a lovely bouquet of flowers on my desk with a note that said “I Love You. Everything will get better xxx”
And it will. It has to.

I got quite upset and spoke to Nick again yesterday and we’re going to try and find him a placement closer and commutable from Brighton. If we don’t and have to live separately we’ll be left with no money again and will likely end up in debt trying to run two households, two cars and two separate lives on our incomes. We don’t earn enough separately to live apart and especially for me to live where I do, which would mean losing every work contact I have made and trying to start again in a different area of Sussex which would be a nightmare frankly, especially as it’s taken me two years to build up the ones I have, and to be honest, they have exploded over the past few months through the connections I made earlier on so I’d be loathed to leave it now!

So once again I’m starting again. Savings have been raided to pay the bill for my tooth and the car insurance which is coming up and hopefully I’ll be starting on a clean slate come January financially and everything else.

2 thoughts on “5 Days in and I’m struggling

  1. Hi Nikki, I saw your exchange with Kathleen over at SkillSetMatch — I wanted to second that I really enjoy Duolingo and Codecademy both. I left a note on her “resources” page, but for my own learning, I’ve really enjoyed lectures…not very active, I know, but still great. Open Yale (http://oyc.yale.edu) has a bunch that can be watched on YouTube or downloaded as mp3s…with the sound, you don’t get the visuals, but it usually isn’t a problem, and makes solo car trips much more enjoyable. My favorites are American Revolution, Intro Psych, Problems of Global Population Growth (mindblowing), and the New and Old Testament courses. Also, check out RadioLab (http://www.radiolab.org)…amazing.

    I’ll mention Saylor.org, too — I work for them — many self-paced, free courses in a bunch of topics. Keeping up motivation on these can be a bit tricky, but I enjoyed CS101 and PRDV251 (HTML & CSS). http://www.saylor.org/

    TED Talks! Open Learn (from the Open University in Milton Keynes)! One thing at a time, I know, but there are definitely cool things out there that aren’t widely known. Good luck!


    1. Hi Sean,

      Thanks for your comment! Lectures are good, I’m obsessed with TED talks myself, mainly education and childcare based lectures though. Sir Ken Robinson being somebody I really idolise!

      Interesting idea about listening in the car, thanks :) I’d like to listen to the Desert Island Discs series and am not the type to sit at my PC listening to things like that but the car is perfect :) I spend many a morning sitting in my car waiting to go into work!

      I’ll check out saylor, thanks for the heads up :) The world history courses seems very interesting at first glance :) Open Learn is an old favourite of mine, I don’t use it so much these days but I used it actively a few years ago :) It was the first real free university resource we (Brits) had before the major British universities started putting their materials online for free too.

      Thanks again!

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