A catch up

So I haven’t updated in a while, what’s new with that? -_-

Things are different now. Nick was offered a brilliant, year long placement which starts in September. He’s trying to find a summer placement for the time between finishing uni and starting his placement too.

I got made redundant again. So I was to be left with a before/after school job three days a week which was rather inflexible due to the bosses job, and thought that I’d be fucked to be honest. But my local agency advertised something that looked intriguing, a three day a week position on Fridays, Saturdays and one other day of nanny’s choosing, which suited me perfectly as my before/after school job is Mondays/Wednesdays/Thursdays. So I applied, and subsequently got it :) I started on the 2nd of January and I love it. It’s bloody tough working six days a week but when the school year is up I’ll most likely finish my before/after school job. My new job is 28 hours and well paid, so I’ll be earning slightly more than I did when trying to juggle two jobs before, which is nice. It will also leave me four days a week to do what I want. Likely a day of that will be ad-hoc work but if I don’t fancy it I won’t do it. I just have to get to July first…

We have acquired four pet rats. They are gorgeous! Two girls and two boys, the girls are called Ruby and Nibbles (a year old and rescues, we didn’t name them!) and the boys are called Howl and Haku (three months old and yes, we named them!)

I have a doctor who is taking me seriously and is referring me to the CFS/Fibro clinic after another round of blood testing which is in a few weeks.

We’re having French lessons now too.

We have a flat which we’ll hopefully live in for a couple of years. And we are ‘officially’ engaged :)

So a lot of changes! Photos to follow!

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